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My name is Jaspal Kalsi - Owner of Mesquite Ridge Outfitter

My family and I welcome you to Mesquite Ridge Outfitters. Here at MRO, we believe that each hunter has the right to choose between fence or no fence,  High Fence or Free Range hunting. So no matter what type of experience you're seeking, Mesquite Ridge Outfitters guarantees to deliver it! Whenever an experience is what you're after, EXPERIENCE is what you need. We take pride in our ability to facilitate the experience our hunters desire.

Go Hunting with Mesquite Ridge Outfitters! Contact Us now to BOOK YOUR HUNT!


Jaspal & Samantha Kalsi

Jaspal Kalsi and his son with a greater kudu harvest
Family photo of the owners of Mesquite Ridge Outfitters

My Family Welcomes You To Mesquite Ridge Outfitters!

Exotic Species

Mesquite Ridge Outfitters understands a hunter's desire to harvest a rare and elusive exotic species such as a Kudu or Oryx. Our Guides are trained on how to provide the best experience for each hunter.


Mesquite Ridge Outfitters Delivers A One-Of-A-Kind Hunting Experience

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